KPA Associates, Inc. (KPAA) is an employee-owned architecture firm specializing in expert witness/forensic architecture. KPAA also provides consulting services in the areas of building construction and accessibility. Our design work focusses on healthcare facility improvements.

Firm Chronology


Klock Planners Architects, a sole proprietorship of Mr. Eric Klock, was established. Under the direction of Mr. Klock, the firm produced numerous award-winning designs while building up its forensic architecture practice.


The firm changed its name to Klock Planning Architecture (KPA).


The company was reorganized into an S-corporation and the firm was renamed KPA Associates, Inc. (KPAA). Since that time, the employee-owned firm has become a leading forensic architectural firm in the Southwest.


Francois Lewis joins KPAA and the firm expands into healthcare facilities improvement projects.


KPA Associates, Inc. has four Principal Architects, each with the experience, knowledge, and expertise required to serve as a forensic architectural consultant or designated architectural expert witness. Andrew Bowen, Bayless CobbBruno Marsella, and Yaron Tov have each provided expert witness testimony on behalf of their respective clients.