DESIGN SPOTLIGHT: Ramon Gallardo's Rosarito Beach Home
DESIGN SPOTLIGHT: Ramon Gallardo's Rosarito Beach Home
Sunlight from a trio of windows animates the colorful walls of the barrel-vaulted stairwell in Ramon Gallardo's home.

Antonio Ramon Gallardo, forensic technician and CADD technician at KPAA, is also a licensed architect in Mexico. Ramon purchased an ocean-view lot at the south end of Rosarito Beach and designed and supervised construction of a home for the site.

Ramon chose Mediterranean elements and materials such as clay roofing tiles, a cupola, white exterior plaster walls, and a Saltillo-tiled roof terrace with expansive ocean views. Like many structures in Baja California, the home is built of concrete block and poured in place concrete.

The interior of the house glows with vividly-colored walls and ceilings. Wine barrels of the nearby Valle de Guadalupe inspired the barrel vault that crowns the stairwell (pictured). Ramon has three children, and he acknowledged them in the design of the house, with its three levels and with elements such as windows and door panels clustered in groups of three. The house is a peaceful and beautiful place for Ramon and his family and friends.

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